24 SLT Mar

March ’24 SLT Meeting Minutes

**Meeting was hybrid. Conducted through video conferencing as well as in person attendees** 

Called to order 

Roll Call 

  • Suzanne Gordon -principal – in person 
  • Alisse Silverman-teacher / UFT rep – in person 
  • Jaclyn Collins-Zera-teacher – in person 
  • Mary Valeri-teacher – in person 
  • Lynn Babcock-parent – remote 
  • Derly Rivera-parent - remote 
  • Nicole Kwan-parent - remote 
  • Nell Mellon-parent/ PTA president – in person 
  • Heidi Chavac - -parent / PTA treasurer - remote 
  • Caroline Lynch – in person 

Reviewed and approved February’s meeting minutes 

  • Viewed SLT Prerecorded webinar - included topics such as parent and family engagement policy, parent education, school-based budgeting to support education planning (maximizing resources), roles and responsibilities for SLT & DLT, framework and membership, support for SLTs, and best practices 
  • Answered SLT Webinar Guiding Questions  
  • Discussed emerging students’ needs 
  • Brainstormed ideas on donations.  i.e “Spring Cleaning”.  Discussed splitting up the days by items to donate.  Mostly need clothing, shoes, outerwear, towels, kitchen items, toiletries.  For families the grates need is diapers, wipes, underwear, pajamas, non-perishables.  Students need more options for translations. 
  • Ms. Gordon asked for everyone to jot down a few ideas on how to execute 
  • Reviewed Goal #5: By June 2024, to strengthen the quality and 

implementation of IEPs for All Students with Disabilities (SWD), we 

will improve alignment of stakeholders in the progress monitoring of 

Students with IEPs and at-risk students by Increasing iep’s reviewed 

monthly from students up for review or initial, to all ieps on one 

grade per month to be reviewed, as measured by review of PPT and 

SIT meeting minutes. 

  • Completed reviewing all goals. Ms. Gordon will finalize in i-Plan 
  • Questions and concerns 
  • Set agenda for next meeting, scheduled for April 3rd, 2024, at 3:00 pm