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Picture Days for In-Person students will take place on March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th depending on In-Person cohort days.  Please see the flyer that was sent home with your child.  

In order to plan for our remote students, we have created two ways to participate: 

The first option is to schedule an appointment at the Class Act Studio.We have reserved a studio day on Saturday, March 27.Attached you will find a flyer with the instructions on how to schedule the appointment.  

The second option is to submit a photo that will be superimposed into a background.  Please see the links below.

This year, due to social distancing protocols, there will be no class photos taken. 

Grade K-7 Remote Pictures Letter.docx      Grade 8 Remote Pictures Letter.docx   

K-7 Appointment Notice.pdf                            Gr 8 Appointment Notice.pdf 

K-8 Remote Upload Notice.pdf



*Please see "ANNOUNCEMENTS" below for information on up-coming events, such as PTA Fundraisers and Meetings, and go to the  PTA/SLT tab in the menu on top.

Math-A-Thon Event Dates - March 10th- April 9th, 2021

Math-A-Thon 2021

In the spirit of our P.S./I.S. 104 Wolf Pack theme focusing on teamwork, cooperation, and working together, please join us in our annual Math-A-Thon.   

Gather your friends and family in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. When you raise funds and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, you’re helping to treat and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

To register, go to  Once you create an account, you can share the information for online donations with family and friends and track the progress towards meeting your child’s fundraising goal. All donations must be made online this year.  Forty-five days after the event start date, families who register will receive an email to choose prizes, if earned.

The Math-a-thon Funbooks are posted below.

Since 1990, our school has raised $183,922.21. Thank you for continuing to support our annual fundraising event.

Math-A-Thon Level K Funbook.pdf            Math-A-Thon Level 1 Funbook.pdf           Math-A-Thon Level 2 Funbook.pdf         

Math-A-Thon Level 3 Funbook.pdf            Math-A-Thon Level 4 Funbook.pdf           Math-A-Thon Level 5 Funbook.pdf             

Math-A-Thon Level 6 Funbook.pdf            Math-A-Thon Level 7 Funbook.pdf           Math-A-Thon Level 8 Funbook.pdf 



Parents: Please note that visitors must always present their ID when entering the building.
Keep the sticker/visitors pass visible at all times.
Return it to the security desk upon leaving.


Student Behavior Contract

At the start of the school year, students are informed of the Student Behavior Contract in regard to school rules and policies. The Discipline Code can be found at:

   If you need additional information, please contact:

Ms. Morrison, Respect for All  (718) 836-4630

Ms. Donnelly, Sexual Harassment  (718) 836-4630


Statement on Accessibility

We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact Mrs. Hartmann at or (718) 759-4990 to request assistance.