24 SLT Jan

January ’24 SLT Meeting Minutes

Called to order 

Roll Call 

  • Suzanne Gordon -principal 
  • Alisse Silverman-teacher / UFT rep 
  • Jaclyn Collins-Zera-teacher 
  • Mary Valeri-teacher 
  • Derly Rivera-parent 
  • Nicole Kwan-parent 
  • Nell Mellon-parent/ PTA president 
  • Lynn Babcock-parent 
  • Caroline Lynch 

Reviewed and approved December’s meeting minutes 

Reviewed Data/progress on HMH assessments 

  • Looking for growth, or common areas of struggle and how to address in classrooms 
  • Use of HMH assessment vocabulary in classrooms, so that students are in familiar territory 

Compared District HMH Data and school HMH data 

  • Our school scored lower in writing in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades 
  • Teachers focusing on writing with students 

Reviewed CEP Goal for CEP document. Next priority Goal #4: by June ’24, 75% increase for students in accelerated programs, and college and career programs 

Questions and concerns 

Scheduled next meeting for February 2024, at 3:00 pm