23 SLT Oct

October 23 SLT Minutes

Called to order

Roll call:

  • Suzanne Gordon -principal
  • Suzanne Gatto – AP/ CSA rep
  • Jaclyn Collins-Zera-teacher
  • Mary Valeri-teacher
  • Alisse Silverman-teacher / UFT rep
  • Derly Rivera-parent
  • Nicole Kwan-parent
  • Nell Mellon-parent/ PTA president
  • Amy Morgenstern-parent
  • Lynn Babcock-parent
  • Rosaria Pecoraro-AP/ observer

Voted to move meetings to first Wednesday of every month (barring any holiday or school event)– approved

Voted to revise meeting time to 3:00 pm – approved

Voted for elected SLT positions:

  • Chairperson: Alisse Silverman – approved
  • Financial Liaison: Suzanne Gatto – approved
  • Recording Secretary: Lynn Babcock – approved

Reviewed Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP)

  • Accessible via the I-plan portal – each meeting we’ll review a portion of the CEP
  • Reviewed our school summary
  • Reviewed each of the Chancellor’s priorities
  • Reviewed our school’s goals against each priority, our action plans, and how progress will be tracked at the beginning, middle, and end of each year

Reviewed the CEP goal for attendance, (pgs. 43-47 of CEP document)

  • Reviewed data for chronically absent, and severely chronically absent students via the New Visions portal
  • Discussed our school’s 2024 goal of no more than 42 students by mid-year (December), and 37 students by end of year, chronically absent

Reviewed data progress/monitoring

  • Attendance team will provide outreach to families to detect any barriers
  • Prioritize getting the chronically and severely chronically absent kids back into instruction
  • Discussed incentives; Starting MP2, one class per grade will win prize for the highest attendance
  • Discussed having to remind K families the need for students to come to school everyday

Reviewed State exam data

  • ELA= 69%, MATH=66%

Discussed reinstatement of Middle School superintendents’ program

  • Starting September 2024
  • Waiting to understand total number of seats, relative to new proposed MS opening

Next meeting Scheduled for November 1, 2023 @ 3:00 pm