23 SLT Nov

November 23 SLT Minutes

Called to order

Roll Call

  • Suzanne Gatto – AP/ CSA rep
  • Jaclyn Collins-Zera-teacher
  • Mary Valeri-teacher
  • Derly Rivera-parent
  • Nicole Kwan-parent
  • Nell Mellon-parent/ PTA president
  • Amy Morgenstern-parent
  • Lynn Babcock-parent
  • Caroline Lynch

Reviewed and approved October’s meeting minutes

Reviewed CEP Goal - All Students will learn to read well, Priority #1 goal, pages 12-17

  • By 6/24 all student proficiency in ELA will increase 20% from 61% to 81%, as measured by iReady & Acadiance data

Data/Progress Monitoring

  • Reviewed action steps to address areas of need
  • Discussed PD (professional development) and implementing into reading / literacy
  • Discussed schedule of HMH unit assessments
  • Discussed quizzes, & selection quizzes yielding data to see where we have struggles, or need enrichment
  • Discussed tiered interventions, family engagement, CBO partners offering homework help, and monthly parent newsletter
  • Parent suggestion – Provide office hours, set time aside for family support. Can rotate between teachers moderating
  • 2nd suggestion – Online chat function for families

Review of State exam scores in ELA and other ELA data to support

Priority #1 goal

  • Discussed how there is room for improvement
  • Reviewed overall iReady scores
  • Discussed why 8th grade is struggling – perhaps rushing and not taking seriously. System sends yellow and red flags, and student can retest

Discussion point from recent CEC meeting, where a parent portal was mentioned.  School to provide a code to parents.  Mrs. Gatto to investigate this

Created Agenda for the Next Meeting

Questions and concerns

Scheduled next meeting for December 6, 2023 at 3:00 pm