23 SLT Dec

December 23 SLT Minutes

Called to order

Roll Call

  • Suzanne Gordon -principal
  • Suzanne Gatto – AP/ CSA rep
  • Alisse Silverman-teacher / UFT rep
  • Jaclyn Collins-Zera-teacher
  • Mary Valeri-teacher
  • Derly Rivera-parent
  • Nicole Kwan-parent
  • Nell Mellon-parent/ PTA president
  • Amy Morgenstern-parent
  • Lynn Babcock-parent
  • Caroline Lynch

Reviewed and approved November’s meeting minutes

Reviewed CEP Goal - Priority #3 goal: All Students will increase 20% (from 57% to 77%), as measured by i-Ready data

Data/Progress Monitoring

  • Mid-year results - last year: 36% kids on or above grade level, this year: 29%
  • Year over year decline is due to adding in K-2 data
  • We agreed that the testing not beneficial for the K-2 age group
  • We agreed to create a separate goal for K-2. Gordon will revise and resend the finalized version. 
  • Discussed the schools 14% growth on State Exams. 69% @ 3’s or 4’s
  • Discussed HMH grading, not aligned with our grading system, will follow a conversion model for grading (i.e., an 80 in HMH converts to a 92)

Created Agenda for the Next Meeting

Questions and concerns

Scheduled next meeting for January 3rd, 2024, at 3:00 pm