24 SLT Apr

April '24 SLT Meeting Minutes

**Meeting was hybrid. Conducted through video conferencing as well as in person attendees**

Called to order

Roll Call

  • Luci Hartman-assistant principal – in person
  • Rosaria Pecoraro-assistant principal – in person
  • Alisse Silverman-teacher / UFT rep – in person
  • Jaclyn Collins-Zera-teacher – in person
  • Mary Valeri-teacher – in person
  • Jessica Kosta-parent coordinator – in person
  • Lynn Babcock-parent – remote
  • Nicole Kwan-parent - remote
  • Nell Mellon-parent/ PTA president – in person
  • Heidi Chavac - -parent / PTA treasurer - remote
  • Caroline Lynch – in person

Reviewed and approved March’s meeting minutes

  • Broke out into groups to conduct root cause and needs analysis for 2024-25 CEP priorities
  • Discussed parent involvement in school activities, ELA trends, Math trends, and students physical safety as well as social and emotional trends, and chronic absenteeism
  • Discussed teachers having access to portal
  • Discussed All students learning to read well
  • Questions and concerns
  • Set agenda for next meeting, scheduled for May 1st, 2024, at 3:00 pm